7th September, Melb – Disrupt ‘YOU’ Masterclass


Transforming your journey from self-doubt to self-disruption - 7th September, 2017

Transform your journey from self-doubt to self-disruption!

This is a proven, heart-driven process that will ignite your disruption journey. The magic of disruption is that we can all invent a different pathway to pursue. We use the term “disruption” to describe the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together. Masterclass mentor Mark Truelson believes, “there’s nothing more tragic than when a human questions his or her worth”. In this masterclass, Mark will help build your disruption muscle that will provide you with the tools to alleviate dormancy in your life or workplace – the very dormancy that fuels doubt, dismay, and even personal crisis.

These tools aren’t just business-savvy. They’re personally transformative!

Key takeaways

    – How to delve into your past to propel your way forward
    – How to dare a future that is congruent with a higher purpose
    – How to connect your passion with a commercial outcome
    – How to design a personal strategy that ignites (see, feel and believe)
    – How to make a plan that keeps you accountable

Methods/frameworks/models /tools:

– Storyboard
– Funnel of Focus
– Pash-O-Meter
– Windows of Wisdom
– Manifesto
– Encyclopedia
– Triple M

This masterclass is for…
– Entrepreneurs who want to disrupt, not be disrupted
– Intrapreneurs looking to kickstart a movement from within
– Individuals looking to launch a startup
– Employees facing complacency, looking for the steps to begin and sustain

About Mark Truelson:
Mark is an innovator, motivator, storyteller and catalyst for change. He is a disruption capability expert who has worked with many leading companies: CUB, BlackRock, Mondelez, Pepsi, SAB Miller, Fonterra, Cadbury, Heinz, Coles, Schweppes, Laminex, AFL, Treasury Wine Estates, Asahi, Golden Circle and Kraft. Mark has an ability to highlight your problem, provide an inspiring solution and leave you feeling that you have been to a Bruce Springsteen concert! Mark believes in the incredible wealth of passion, talent and enthusiasm that already resides within the hearts of the humans whom you call employees, co-workers or peers. 


“Mark is different because he’s actually been in the trenches and done it… marketing, sales – the lot. So when he stands up and delivers a message, he has real gravitas. What he says matters; he is a non-stop inspiration”.

 Paul Donaldson, vice president strategy, CUB

“An Australian gem! Mark is a global expert in disruptive storytelling and has a gift for helping organisations break free from their institutionalised conservatism. He’s my go-to person when brands are business leaders stuck in nostalgia, denial or inertia. And he is a great guy to work with”

Ben Crowe, founder, Unscriptd

“Mark is Australia’s leading thinker on how to disrupt complacency for a brand or marketing department. But more than this, he’s one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Mark’s clients love him to an extent that is almost pathological, which I think reflects not only the impact he has but also how much he cares about his work and the people he works with. His obsession with Bruce Springsteen is bordering on unhealthy, but if you can overlook this and get the chance to work with Mark, grab it with both hands. It will change your world”.

Peter Cook, CEO, Thought Leaders

Eventbrite - Collective 101: Disrupt YOU - Transforming self-doubt to self-disruption Masterclass


Thursday, 7th September


6.00pm - 8.30pm


Work Club - 2/287 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000




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