12 Minutes with ‘Grace Loves Lace’ Founder Megan Ziems


A white-hot success.

She sells her gowns exclusively online with more than 255,000 fans watching her every move, but Grace Loves Lace founder Megan Ziems confesses she was a little late to the party.

I was never the woman who dreamed of my wedding day, so when I [met] my now husband, we were engaged for two years because I really struggled to sort myself out. A massive part of this was that I was totally uninspired when searching for the dress. There was so much pressure; this was my day, yet no dresses resonated with me.

Fast growth, albeit exciting, can be overwhelming. To be honest, I think the biggest hurdle has been learning to transition from a small business to a very busy one. When you first set out to launch your business, you are so deeply connected to the customer and seeing her every need is met. As we’ve grown, I have learned to trust my instincts, hire the right people and to understand that being the boss is not always going to be fun, and that is okay.

I wouldn’t say we follow trends; in fact, we have probably built our brand by not following them. Although, like all creatives, it is important to be relevant and pay attention to how culture is forming in the world around you. Of course it would be impossible to not let visual magic subconsciously shape your tastes and ideas. Our hearts skip a beat when we see Elie Saab and Chanel on the runway!

“To be honest, I think the biggest hurdle has been learning to transition from a small business to a very busy one.”

Believe it or not, we were late to the Instagram game. Who would have known how amazing it would be for businesses and creatives? I think it’s fantastic that today you don’t have to have a magazine or a blog to showcase your talents and inspiration. Everyone is on an even playing field, whether you’re well known or not. It’s also really nice to be able to communicate with our followers in a casual atmosphere.

Having a start-up means you have to be all in. Be prepared to work extremely hard all the time, seven days a week. For the first two years I didn’t have a day off. And even once you’re off the ground, you then have different stresses and responsibilities, which mean you’re on call 24/7. Like any industry, remain true to your brand and stay focused on what you’re doing – not what someone else is doing. And have fun!

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