10 Companies with Top-notch Wellness Programs


Colour us amazed.

The number of companies that are prioritising employee wellbeing is on the up. To give them a solid pat on the back, and encourage others to follow their lead, we’ve rounded up 10 that are making meditation, exercise, nutrition and mental health vital to corporate strategy. Hurrah.

1. Fitbit

Team Fitbit walk their talk by using their own wrist-tracker technology to foster a little healthy competition – with friendly workplace tallies of who’s the most active – and inspiring the whole office to get off their tushes with initiatives including ‘Workout Wednesdays’, and a quarterly step challenge.

2. The Motley Fool

Health perks are abundant at this global finance giant, with free PT sessions, wellness consultations, bootcamps and schemes such as ‘Active April’ – when one meeting per day has to get a sweat going (for example, push-ups during a presentation). The company also randomly selects one employee to take two weeks off each month.

3. Earth Friendly Products

Green to its core, this eco-friendly cleaning product company has an organic garden fresh for the picking at every facility, and is famous for its ‘RE-parties’, where staff swap clothes and household goods. They also subsidise environmentally friendly cars purchased by employees, and reward staff who relocate closer to the office with US$1000.

4. Draper, Inc.

Employees at this electronics manufacturer have enjoyed an on-site ‘wellness park’ – complete with running track, workout stations and volleyball courts – for almost 10 years. Draper showcases their ‘wellness superhero’ staff in a monthly newsletter, and holds an annual health fair, walking comps and Zumba classes.

5. Goldman Sachs

This Goliath investment bank responded to the financial crisis with a resiliency program that includes year-round lectures on topics that include how resilience can drive success, as well as one-on-one coaching. There’s quarterly resiliency training for managers, and the biennial ‘resilience week’ sees keynote speakers exploring topics such as happiness.

6. The Walt Disney Company

It isn’t called ‘the happiest place on Earth’ for nothing. Disney workers reap the benefits of the company’s Healthy Pursuits program, with access to nutrition, health and lifestyle coaches, all manner of sporting activities (canoe racing caught our eye) and healthy cooking lessons taught at their parks’ restaurants.

7. Forster Communications

This consultancy firm was named Britain’s Healthiest Workplace within the small category last year. They’ve developed a free mental-health toolkit for employers and trained line managers in emotional wellness. “We’ve used these insights to take a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing amongst our own employees,” they say.

8. Lion Corporation

Thai beauty and healthcare corporation Lion offers counselling on marriage, family and financial issues and a healthy diet study program incorporating the company’s own home-grown organic vegetables. Recently they introduced a two-minute meditation practice – a move that’s seen a sizeable boost in their internal employee happiness index.

9. Tata Group

Indian conglomerate Tata group has an internal staff health index to address their employees’ wellness, and have paid special attention to the women working at Tata Steel. In 2011 they launched a ‘Working Women’s Health Improvement Project’, with combating anaemia as a top priority – which in 2015 was reported to affect almost 60 per cent of Indian women.

10. IBM

IBM’s Best Doctors program allows employees and their families to connect with – and ask hairy questions of – no less than 53,000 top-rated physicians online, and the company tailors their benefits to localised issues (in India, where in 2015 around 146,133 people lost their lives and 500,279 were injured in road accidents, IBM offers a driving-safety program).

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