You Might Have Noticed Twitter’s Overnight Makeover


Who doesn’t love a fresh ’do?

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a fresh ’do? Even a social media platform giant like Twitter does, which is why it’s looking mighty different this morning. Thanks to positive feedback from the platform’s similar design for Android, Twitter has rolled out a plethora of updates for iOS users for their tweeting on iPhones and iPads.

If you’re not sure what to make of its new look, we’ve taken a scroll for you. Here are the best aspects of the update:

Safari-supported view
No matter how outraged Twitter users pretend to be about today’s update (change is hard, isn’t it?), one thing they’ll be likely relieved to find is that Twitter now supports Safari as its link viewing extension. No more Twitter custom web view – just simple Safari browsing for every link that you click.

A much-needed design refresh
For all its benefits, Twitter never really had the sleek, fun look that Instagram has nailed since day dot, but thanks to a couple of simple tweaks, it’s now that much closer. A rounded avatar is more than a nod to Instie’s design elements (it’s actually exactly the same as the photo-sharing app’s avatar).

The addition of a side nav menu
It seems even Twitter wants to Kondo its life: the update now includes a clever little side tab where all of your account and app settings are now easily accessible in the one place.

Instant updates
If you’re the kind of Twitterer that stays glued to their retweet numbers, these will now update instantly, rather like a satisfying running tally. We think watching your numbers tick higher like a reverse countdown will be pretty addictive.

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