Why You Should Work on Your Second-Best Business Idea First


Keeping No. 1 up your sleeve.

Close-up view of unrecognizable designer sitting at table and drawing sketches of new mobile phone

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, BlueChilli CEO and serial entrepreneur Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin suggests that you consider working on your second-best idea first. Put your best idea to the side; love on it and nurture it, but shelve it for now. Then work on your next-best idea like your very existence depends on it.

“Here’s why I say this: if you start with your second-best idea, you’re not going to be as emotionally attached to the idea itself. You’re going to go through multiple evolutions and if you do that on your second-best idea, you’ll be much more rational in your decision-making and not as attached to the outcome,” he says.

“Also, I hate to say it, but the probability is against you in terms of your first idea being a huge success. You’re going to learn a lot, all of which you can apply to your next idea, but you’re probably not going to strike gold straight away. But it won’t matter, because you’ll still have that No.1 idea up your sleeve.”

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