This Dating App Helps Vegans Meet Other Vegans


Massage that kale.

Two vegans in the kitchen

Vegans can have a rough time dating, just ask entrepreneur Amber Gouzy.

The Sydney-based founder has just launched a dating website geared towards helping the gastronomical minorities among us find true love: V Love is a dating app featuring potential vegan and vegetarian soulmates, following Amber’s experience with the trolling her and her plant-loving friends experienced on traditional dating sites.

“There’s so much trolling on other dating apps,” she told Broadsheet. “Some people are just not open to dating a vegan or vegetarian, and as soon as it’s put out into the conversation, we can get shut down pretty bad.”

Her antidote is V Love, which offers like-minded lovers a chance to meet without fear of retribution or ridicule, for a monthly fee of AU$5.99.

Although this isn’t the first time such a venture has been launched – the US market is flooded with alternative dating sites like Lettuce Loves, as well as Veggie Match Makers and Green Singles – it’s yet another example of how an estimated 10 per cent of the Australian vegan-identifying population is really sowing its seed (we predicted the vegan future ourselves here). Considering there’s also been a 30 per cent rise in vegetarians since 2012, the conscious-eating movement is well and truly more than just a fad.

If you’ve ever found a vegan intolerable, well, this is probably exactly why this dating app is such a genius idea. Plus, who has time to prep two separate dinners?

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