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Entrepreneurs are curious people, and they usually have their eye out for ways to upskill, experiment and be more effective leaders. If you’re a creative person with a business idea on the boil, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in the coming weeks of Vivid Ideas. From how to define, set and smash your goals, to devising compelling data visualisations, this year’s schedule has plenty for the budding businessperson.

The Future of Work is Freelance
June 7
The promise of work-life balance, calling the shots and choosing the clients you service hold appeal. Yet within the freelance working life, there are challenges. Chasing payments, scheduling work, wearing many hats, working the room and producing the work are but a few of the challenges faced. The Future of Work is Freelance is about exploring freelancing in an honest and positive way. Learn more.

Canon Studio Photography Workshop: Lose Yourself in Low Light with Jeremy Shaw
June 11, 12, 17
Find your way through low-light photography, while capturing the mystery and beauty of UV painted models. In this free workshop, garner hands-on advice from professional photographer Jeremy Shaw and Canon staff. They’ll help to develop your skills and get you conquering low-light photography. This is a free ticketed event open to all skill levels. Learn more.

Deadlines, Dreams and Goals
June 10
We all know that goal-setting isn’t as simple as it sounds, least of all because you must first understand what exactly it is you’re aiming for. Once you have defined what you want, how do you find the time and commitment to adhere to said goals? This practical one-day workshop will show you how to brainstorm and identify what you might want in your business, professional, creative and personal lives – and then fashion a tailor-made map to get there. Learn more.

Evolving a Tasty Niche | The Love and Struggle in Creative Food Careers
June 11
Evolving a Tasty Niche was developed as a response to the marked rise in creative food careers, from food photography, cake design, dining experience, to food art, all fuelled by the power of social media. If you’ve been wondering how leading creatives manage to innovate consistently, what their growth strategies look like, and even what they fear, this panel discussion will seek to illuminate just that. Learn more.

Data Visualisation Masterclass
June 13
Do you work with large, complex data sets? Data visualisation can help. Using principles of human visual perception with modern methods and tools, you can create insightful visual representations of complex data, as well as compelling visualisations for communication. The masterclass will teach you principles and practices for turning data into insightful visualisations that tell compelling stories. Learn more.

See the Future: China Innovation Update
June 13
The forces changing the economic landscape of Asia today are unprecedented. Globalisation, urbanisation, ageing population, and technology are four major forces driving a shift which will see the acceleration of China happen at an unprecedented pace. What took Britain 150 years, to double the output per person via the industrial revolution, took China 12 years. This acceleration has happened 10 times faster, on 300 times the scale, population wise and together with the rise of India, has created an economic force 3,000 times the impact of the industrial revolution. China Innovation Update will leave audiences with insight into China’s massive push towards innovation and opportunities for Australia. Learn more.

The Innovation Masterclass
June 14
This one-day event will empower individual leaders, managers and future leaders with the tools, initiatives and tangible actions they can take in order to turn themselves and their team into a creative powerhouse. You will learn practical ways to think creatively and inject creativity into the workplace by gaining insight into what some of the most innovative organisations around the world are doing. Learn more.

Become an Idea Machine – Everything Worthwhile Starts With a Great Idea
June 15
Discover how to become an unstoppable idea generator. Whether you want more ideas for your business or in your career, this session will give you an ideation framework. Learn more.

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