The Australian Linen Label Making Waking Up That Much Harder


The startup that gets you IN BED and STAT.

If you’re getting your recommended amount of sleep at eight hours a night, on average, you will spend over 220,000 hours catching some much needed zzzz. But, we all know that sleep doesn’t always come easily, and that’s the idea behind Pip Vassett’s simple cosy bed linen that begs you to hit the hay early, or sleep-in.

What was your ‘AHA’ moment when launching IN BED?

I was on the hunt for some great bed linen – nothing cutesy, nothing crazy high-end. Just good quality, good colours and good fabrics. Pickings at the time were slim and I also noticed there wasn’t a lot (or anything really) that I felt was a great brand that I trusted and that I wanted to buy in to. Maybe this is due to my fashion background but I’ve always loved a brand that had a bit of personality and something that I feel a kind of connection to. For me, A.P.C. and Acne are the perfect examples of this.

Tell us about your professional background.

For the previous seven or so years I was working as a freelance fashion stylist for various advertising clients, musicians and also for a number of years working as fashion director with Yen magazine.

Adopting a cheeky personality in the brand’s messaging is quite a bold move…

To be honest, it happened really organically and I’m not sure it was much of a marketing move, but rather a complete inability to take anything very seriously! The bedroom is intrinsically a cheeky space, so it just made sense for us to run with that and I also love a bit of copy and branding that gives you a little chuckle. Anything that takes itself too seriously just makes me uncomfortable!

Any learning curves so far?

Time management and taking time out have been big ones – you could work day and night non-stop and there’d still be more to do. You need to remember to stop, eat lunch, go for a walk occasionally and not spend your entire weekend emailing!

What’s next for you and the brand?

Our new cashmere throws, and organic cotton and wool cushions, some new limited-edition linen colours, as well as some beautiful new fabrics we’re adding in bedding later on in the year.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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