The Indispensable Tools Your E-commerce Business Needs


Many platforms make light work.

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You may have whipped people into a liking frenzy on Instagram and got your website kicking sales goals, but what other tech can you use to the advantage of your growing business? There are more than a few options, so we’ve gathered the best extensions to add to your site in order to maximise your customer base – and their back pockets.

Here are our favourites:


Your social channels will be the biggest generators of traffic and interest to your site – they’ll also be your most time-consuming. Why not employ the services of a third party to help with the heavy lifting? As well as helping you manage multiple platforms (of course), the coolest thing about Buffer is how it independently tracks the best time to schedule your posts according to your audience. It’s also free for personal use, so you can give it a go before extending it to your business full-time.


Want to see where your users are heading on your site? Heatmap will tell you. Used by brands from Quiksilver to Peugeot, users can get easy-to-understand feedback on exactly where your website visitors are heading on your page, leading you to know exactly what you need more of afterwards. The real benefit is that the analytics happens in real time, as opposed to after a 24-hour period.


The revolutionary Afterpay isn’t just a sweet deal for consumers, allowing them to receive an item and decide to pay for it only after they’ve got it through the mail, but it makes your site that much more competitive. One of the biggest hurdles to buying online is not having a backup for the item you can’t physically see or touch – by using a platform like Afterpay, or allowing your customers free returns (a pricier option, certainly) could be the key to them clicking “pay now”.


You might think email marketing is outdated, especially if you’re regularly updating your social channels but this study suggests that 44 per cent of people made a purchase in the last year as a result of an EDM. Keep it light on the spamming front and make sure it looks clean enough to easily browse – and, you may as well choose a provider that makes it easy to pull one together. Mailchimp is kind of like the Squarespace for EDMs – it’s super easy to make the whole thing look polished, so you’ll have less chance of your database hitting “unsubscribe.”


Fully customisable and stupidly simple to use, 123ContactForms is a seriously easy way to give your customers easy access to you using the feedback form system. Keep their comments (and complaints) off Facebook and streamline them here – trust us, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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