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Amborella Organics (pictured above) have created lollipops that last by hiding an heirloom seed in the stick of each sweet. Once you’re done devouring, plant the biodegradable stick into a thin layer of dirt and watch a herb or flower spring to life. The tricky part is choosing between mouth-watering flavours that include peach and marigold and lavender with lemongrass.


Over the course of the 2015/2016 financial year, the RSPCA cared for more than 137,000 abandoned animals in Australia. SavourLife, a family-owned business, is here to help, with 50 per cent of profits from each of their dog treats going to pet rescue organisations that are dedicated to rehoming animals but don’t have resources like the RSPCA. Now that’s something to bark about!


Looking to adorn your walls with top-notch art without the price tag? Framed has brought visual culture into the 21st century by creating a minimalist, timeless digital frame that adapts to any interior space and can be used by artists to publish and sell their work. Controlled by simple hand gestures, a quick swipe allows you to transfer any image you find online straight to your frame. 


No matter how high you rank on the introvert scale, the truth is all humans need some sort of social connection. That’s why Wander, a social networking app that promotes conversations with strangers, was created – to foster friendships in the digital age. Whether you’d like to share your thoughts on #gratitude, or are into soap-making in Singapore, there’s a chat channel for everyone. Keen to connect? Go for a wander…

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Launching in NYC last year, Eat Offbeat is a restaurant makes finger-licking-good (and ethnically diverse) meals while creating jobs for those with a refugee status. Can’t make it to the concrete jungle anytime soon? You’ll still be able to get your mitts on some homemade baklava, with their first cookbook currently in the works.

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Sometimes you just need a little bit of quiet. That’s why Knops have created a ‘volume button for your ears’, using analog (that is, battery-free) technology. You can choose just how much noise from the outside world you want to let in, using four settings on two small earbuds. From concert to study cram session or construction site, Knops is bringing back one of the most highly prized commodities – silence.

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