The Enduring Importance of Upskilling No Matter Your Industry


Taking a backseat is no longer an option.

In this rapidly changing world, it’s unsurprising to discover that, according to this study, the average Australian will have 17 jobs, spanning five industries, in a lifetime. Some of the jobs you’ll hold in future will be roles that didn’t exist even a handful years ago – just ask Mark Zuckerberg, any moonlighting Uber driver, or anyone whose job title includes the words “culture” or “innovation” about landing in careers that weren’t on their list of ‘dream jobs’ as a kid.

It’s not just new technologies that are changing our working lives, however. A boom in the creation of small businesses – the rate of micro-businesses is increasing nationally and now averaging around 1,000 per month, according to figures from April – also signals the changing nature of our workforce.

Whether you’re working within an industry that’s likely going to have a few new arms to it in the not-too-distant future, or considering making a move into the small business sector, the pioneering thing to do is keep learning and gathering new skills. Taking a backseat is no longer an option: for a bright future brimming with opportunity, we’ve got to get connecting, learning, engaging, and writing our own rules, We’ve got to ignite our potential.

Here at Collective Hub, we make sure we’re listening to our community and because of this (and in part due to the brave new world out there), we’re making the journey to career fulfilment that little bit easier with a collection of tailored masterclasses, catering to every aspect of the business-building process.

Opening our Sydney HQ to help you on your own career journey, we’re inspiring each and every one of you to take action by learning the tools to help you be a game changer – no matter where you’re at in your career or small business journey.

Want to know more? Head over to our Masterclasses page to see what you could learn in one evening with us at Collective Hub HQ.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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