Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’: the Millennial’s Way to Track Your Friends


Is this cool? Or creepy?

Three young women enjoying a sunny beach day.

Not sure where your friends are at? No need to ask – just watch them do their thing on Snap Map!

Although the concept of geo-locating pals isn’t new (Find my Friends, an Apple iOS app, that allows you to see where logged-on pals are in the world, has been in popular circulation since its launch in 2011), Snap’s version, Snap Maps, which launches today, is a little different. According to a company blog post, Snap explains the extension was created to make IRL social connections stronger.

The idea for Snap Map clearly came from Zenly, an almost identical setup that Snap Inc.’s recently acquired for an estimated ceiling price of US$350 million at the end of May.

Despite appearances, it’s not completely stalker-ish – the app will only show your location when you’re logged on – but the weirdest part about Snap Maps is that the map doesn’t just show your location, but also what you’re doing with a Bitmoji representation of whatever you’re doing. Weird, huh?

The extension will also give users additional story search capacity, with Story search now available according to location via heat map. Want to see what’s happening at the end of your street, for example? You can view the story of a non-friend on the scene, without even having to leave your house.

Sounds pretty social to us.

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