Our Resident Stylist on How to Look Confident


"If you look good, you will feel great."

Our Resident Stylist on How to Look Confident

Starting off in men’s retail fashion, Jeff Lack has always had an eye for colour and thoroughly enjoyed the psychological element of helping people dress. He took the leap to become a freelance stylist 12 years ago. This issue he dressed our cover star, Jamie Oliver.

What’s a typical day for a stylist?
Check Instagram over breakfast, then emails before attacking a list that varies every day. I could be sourcing for a private client, on an editorial shoot, packing up returns, writing, shopping for a private client or viewing a new season collection.

What do you analyse when styling?
Fit, colour, style. Understanding the unique colour combinations and body shape of an individual will drive you to the styling outcomes.

What’s a fail-safe look for a big day at the office?
Navy suit, white shirt, dark brown shoes, navy pin dot tie and white pocket square. If your audience is more relaxed, it’s easy to open up two buttons on your shirt and take off your tie. My mantras is: If you look good, you will feel great.

What was it like dressing Jamie Oliver?
I loved the experience because Jamie has been a hero of mine for many years – he taught me how to cook! The fact that he was a gentleman and genuinely funny made me feel comfortable and confident to just do my job.

How to look confident

1. Wear your personality on your sleeve.

2. Be sure to wear the right size and cut for your body type.

3. Choose comfort over fashion.

4. Wear a colour that suits your hair, skin and eye tones.

5. Grooming must be on point, which includes skin, hair, beard and fragrance.

Our cover star, Jamie Oliver, looking dapper in M.J. Bale below.

Jeff Lack