‘Museum of Happiness’ Set to Open in London


A little hub of joy.

Hay round with a smiley face

The world could do with a little happiness right now. Shamash Alidina and Victoria Johnson, the co-founders of the Museum of Happiness, have been working tirelessly to inject a little of it into British lives since their first event two years ago at London’s Spitalfields Markets drew almost 7,000 visitors. Now, they’ve received the boost they need to make it a larger, more permanent fixture.

Earlier this month, the pop-up space that offered visitors services like laughter yoga, “playshops” and a hub for random acts of kindness outgrew its café-based workshop space and will now expand to become a dedicated, full-time institution, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign that saw the team raise just over £28,000.

The new museum will open in Camden, North London, in the same space as the UK’s largest homeless hostel, allowing isolated members of the community to also take part in the programs.

“Not only are we creating a place where people can explore the science, art and history of happiness in fun ways, but we will also be working with very vulnerable adults, who were recently homeless, helping them to rebuild their lives and integrate back into society,” Victoria explained.

The biggest portion of funding will go towards outreach projects for community members, as well as offering classes to those who have reduced or no income. The museum is expected to open in September this year.

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