11th July, Syd – A Masterclass in Mindfulness


A masterclass on mindfulness, cue increased resilience, creativity and productivity! July 11th 2017

“It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost
Australian workplaces $10.9 billion per year”
— Harvard Business Review

Stop stress in its tracks with a two-hour masterclass that will help you build resilience, increase productivity and creativity in the workplace. Whether it’s for you as an individual looking to be more productive and manage your anxiety levels, or a manager / business owner looking to implement systems and processes that will make for a more harmonious and mindful workplace, then this masterclass is for you.

59% of workers are unsatisfied, feeling physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted and lacking in meaning and purpose.

Get an introduction to mindfulness that you can action within your workplace that will provide your team with immediately actionable mindfulness tools to reduce stress & overwhelm. Cue increased resilience, creativity, productivity and wellbeing!

The 101s:
– An intro into mindfulness and action plan you can implement within your workplace / or role
– Actionable mindfulness tools to reduce stress & overwhelm
– Exercises to help boost productivity, build resilience and ease anxiety
– Activities & worksheet to help unlock creativity and motivation

This class is for:
– Corporates and individuals looking to reduce stress and anxiety levels
– Managers looking to incorporate mindfulness in the workplace and team
– Freelancers looking to reduce stress and boost productivity

A little something extra:
– Collective Hub gift bag
– Nourish your body (and brain) with a brain-boosting snack pack by Eat Fit Food
– Beverages and refreshments

About your masterclass mentor: Amanda McMillan | Wellineux
Amanda is the Founder – Partnerships & Experience Director at Wellineux. Wellineux believe in inspiring both individuals and corporates, empowering them to become the leaders of their own journey, a journey towards discovering their best selves. Wellineux teach that wellness is the sum of eight integrated areas: discovery, nutrition, movement, rest, mind, connection, resources and growth. These eight dimensions are intertwined, and it is only if all eight areas are nurtured that one can achieve ultimate wellness as a whole. At wellineux.com you will find Corporate and Individual wellness offerings, a mecca of wellness information, immediately actionable tips and tools and well researched articles that will empower you to achieve the very best version of you.

Eventbrite - Collective 101: Mindfulness in the Workplace


Tuesday, 11th July


6.15pm - 8.30pm


Collective Hub HQ, Level 9 46-56 Kippax Street, Surry Hills, 2010


$99.95 + BF


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