How to Nail a Social Media Job Interview


Snaplications are the new CV.

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Recently, McDonald’s launched the world’s first “Snaplication” asking people to apply for jobs via Snapchat, using a special filter they devised they enabled you to Photoshop yourself into their uniform, and then sell yourself. Andria Wyman-Clarke, a HR expert and the founder of career development startup Job Toolbox, says the recruitment industry is in the midst of a “technology revolution” and candidates need to be ready if they want to land the job of their dreams. So, how can you nail a social media job interview?

1. First impressions count

If you’re applying to a job on social media, whether it’s via a Snaplication or by replying to a Tweet or a Facebook post advertising a vacancy, you don’t have time (or character count) to waste, so make your message work harder. If your prospective employer lists a good attitude and quality customer service as their most desired qualities, reference how you’ve cultivated these over the course of your career.

2. No Snapchat dog filters!

There has been a rise in companies advertising vacancies over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But, applicants need to remember the difference between friends and company applications. While creativity can be applauded in many instances, being overly friendly or casual can derail the job application. Although you’re using a virtual medium, remember this is still a real job with a very real company, which, behind its filters, want to employ productive people who will enable them to make a profit. Use a plain background that doesn’t distract from your message and avoid Snapchat filters (unless one has been specified for use for your application).

3. Do use your skill set

The job market is competitive and technology can help you to stand out. One of the newer trends in recruitment is a video cover letter. Recruiters are generally favourable to this development, particularly in high technology and creative industries (many online applications now have a section where you can upload one). Don’t just read out your resume! Your video cover letter is a chance to express your unique selling point, personality and outside the box mindset. You don’t have to be a master in production to make one either. Check out this impressive video resume by Rachel Gulotta.

4. Prepare for the future

Applicants need to be aware of changing technology to ensure they do not miss opportunities. We’ve already seen the evolution of the Application Tracking Systems, which automatically review applications and shortlist candidates for the recruiter, along with video interviewing tools, such as the Vieple Interview Platform that some companies are using for the initial interview of graduates and bulk recruiting. The recruitment industry will continue to evolve rapidly as social media and technology transform our lives. We may see a Tinder type of recruitment program next – swipe right for an interview, left to pass.

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