How to Feng Shui Your Way to More Money


You don't have to go full hippy.

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Could your work space be holding you back in your career? Is your desk to blame for your lack of clarity? Is the position of your front door damaging your profits? It might might sound bizarre, but according to the ancient philosophy of feng shui, the layout of your work space, whether it’s an office block, a cubicle or the corner of your living room, can have a dramatic impact on your professional success.

“There are many simple feng shui tips you can apply to strengthen the flow of energy in your career,” says Rodika Tchi, a feng shui consultant who helps global companies and individuals to create an optimal work space. “In feng shui, there is actually a specific area in your home and office that is responsible for the flow of good energy in your career endeavours – the bagua area. It’s original name is Path in Life, which, in modern times, we translate as career.”

This doesn’t mean rearranging your cushions will be an infant fix. “You should always use feng shui as an add-on, rather than a substitute for career success efforts,” says Rodika, “You’re the one who still has to do the work, but feng shui comes in to invigorate the energy to make it stronger.”

Whether you’re confused about the next step to take in your career, you want to be productive, precise or feel calmer in a crisis, a feng shui makeover could seal the deal for you. Here’s how to get started.

1. Activate your career area

According to classical feng shui wisdom, north is the bagua area that governs you career path (this video tutorial shows how to find it). “You can activate the north bagua area of your home and office with items connected to your present career or a career of your dreams,” says Rodika. “Think of images that best represent the essence of your career and display them in this bagua area of your home or office.” A big mirror is also beneficial. “Mirrors have been called the aspirin of feng shui because they can refresh the energy of your home,” she adds.

2. Map the right path

Wondering if you’re on the right track? Map it out! “If you experience confusion as to which path to follow, or which steps to take next in your career, placing a map on the north wall is said to open up fresh energies and help you find your way,” says Rodika. “It might happen on a subconscious level, which means one day you suddenly receive clear guidance, or just a feeling of knowing which path to follow again.”

3. Clear clutter

It may come as no surprise that clutter hampers productivity, but it can also affect our goal-setting abilities. “You have to clear clutter in your home or office to give you a clear foundation for feng shui to really work,” says Rodika. “In feng shui, clutter causes stagnant energy that dims your light, especially in your home office and around the main entrance. When you clear clutter, it helps you to get clearer with your goals, which is vital to career success.” On top of this, look at a floor plan of your home or office to see if it’s blocking or leaking energy. “You might have a house where the front door aligns with the back door so whatever energy comes in is just lost,” she says, “Or a mirror facing the front door so whatever goodness comes in is pushed out straightaway.”

4. Just add water

In feng shui, the elements that strengthen your career bagua are water and metal, which affects preciseness, focus and clarity, so plan your interior décor accordingly. “For water, include the colour blue or black, images of water or actual water features,” says Rodika. “For metal, you could create a gallery of inspiring pictures in metal frames.” This doesn’t mean you have to go full hippy. “Know that feng shui always works best when it is applied in a subtle way,” says Rodika. “Do not have little wind chimes hanging from your computer or [do not] bring bagua mirrors and three legged frogs. Find office-appropriate solutions to improve your space that fit into the environment.”

5. Work on wood

Even the material of your desk can affect your career prospects. “Out of all possible materials, a wood desk is definitely the best feng shui choice,” says Rodika. “It brings natural energy into your space, it also has both a nourishing and vibrant quality of energy. A metal desk can also be a good choice because it brings the sharpness, preciseness and clarity of the element.” Don’t have one of these options? You don’t have to go furniture shopping. “A glass desk lacks solidity because it allows the energy to move very fast,” she says. “But, if this is your choice, you can work with feng shui cures such as tall plants to create a more grounding energy.”

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