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The Collective Hub community – that’s you! – lies right at the heart of why we decided to develop Collective101. Four years of meeting, listening to, learning from and being continually re-inspired by you has made this a natural, almost inevitable and incredibly rewarding extension for Collective Hub. We have ignited your curiosity and now want to unleash its potential.

So, what is Collective101?

Collective101 is a series of highly focused, easily applicable and seriously empowering classes that cover each facet of business and career upskilling. Through a wide variety of classes – from marketing without money to project managing like a boss, and connecting with clients to nailing different content channels – we’ve assembled all the essential tools from the most inspiring industry teachers, bringing your ultimate business manual to life. You’ll also be learning from those who have walked the path before you with brands that you know and love, finding every ingredient for your own recipe for success.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re starting entirely from scratch, need a refresher or simply fancy a new notch on your creative belt, Collective101 is teaching everything your business textbook or career is lacking.

How is Collective101 different from other courses out there?

Held at our Sydney HQ, our classes are so far removed from those sterile and stuffy lecture rooms you remember from school, or that last snooze-worthy corporate course you took. Because Collective101 classes take place in our real-life workspace, you can get a feel for the mechanics behind a global company with a start-up spirit.
The amazing variety of masterclasses also means you’ll have access to a totally flexible and personal program. Pop in for a once off session, sign up to the entire series or pick and choose as many as you need.

You’ll also benefit from the ability to connect, collaborate and network with like-minded people (who might just become your co-founder or collaborator). Each attendee will bring their own set of experiences and insights with them, and – as every great entrepreneur will tell you – there’s nothing more valuable than a different perspective.

Plus, the extraordinary opportunity to meet and benefit from many of the talented minds you have read about across Collective Hub in an intimate and interactive forum.

How does it work?

We’re rolling out several 2-hour evening sessions over the course of a month. Then you can look forward to an array of day-long workshops and in time, a short, fully comprehensive course (as you’ll learn in class, it’s all about taking one step at a time!) We want to give you a very tangible taste of our greatest passion and ultimate purpose – which is taking people from inspiration to education to action – in order to spark or reinvigorate your own.

You’ll also be provided with ‘homework’ (the fun kind), so learning can continues and form firm foundations. Business is a non-stop development journey – and we want to be your constant companion along the way.

Ready to get stuck in? Here are all of the current masterclasses on offer.

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