Apple Just Chose the Best Designed Apps of 2017


We whittled down our picks.

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One thing’s for sure – Apple knows good design. There’s practically an entire generation of tech users that have overlooked considerations, like processing power and retina display, and swooned instead over the sleek, sexy lines of an Apple product. So when the leading tech company picks its favourite apps based on their design? Our fingers are practically quivering over the ‘Install’ button.

Here are our picks of the best designed apps of 2017.


This piece of genius is made by the same team behind Facetune (namely Lightricks), and applies the same alteration principle, except it’s even more sophisticated. It basically makes every mobile snap you’ve ever taken that much better and it goes way beyond making faces look out of this world.

Kitchen Stories

Guys. If you’re not on Kitchen Stories, you’re basically useless in the kitchen. The good news is that Kitchen Stories, which is a little compendium of stupidly simple video recipes – is perfect for people who are hopeless in the kitchen (the top-rated recipe is, of course, how to poach eggs). It’s as clean as a Pinterest-styled kitchen counter making you conveniently forget how messy and great cooking can really be.

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Things 3

We’re forever on the hunt for a to-do list that will actually make us do things, and Things 3 is the closest we’ve found – no wonder it’s on Apple’s list. It’s clean and simple, which is half the job, but it’s also really thoughtful – the breakdown of possible lists under a category of “someday” is perfect for your incessant note jotting, and the design differentiation between appointments of the day and to-dos of the day is supremely satisfying.  


There is something glorious about colouring in (it’s a mindfulness practice, for one). Lake is the app that best simulates your at-home, IRL colouring book practice and you can change between tools for the best effect. The best part of the Lake’s design, however, is that it works with independent artists to develop new patterns on a daily basis – cool, huh?


You have never played a game like this before, trust us. This mind-bending app sets you challenges but they’re unsolvable by touch. How the hell does that work?! Exactly. That’s how well this game is designed – it anticipates your confusion, but just leaves you to it. It’s incredibly frustrating and, well, unbelievably addictive.

Here’s the full list of winners if you’re interested.

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