8 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Add More Joy to Your Feed


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Wake up. Check your email. Check the news. Check Instagram. If this routine sounds all too familiar, there’s good news and bad news: the good news is there is a slew of inspiring Instagram accounts that can actually make you eager to get out of bed and take on the world. The bad news is you’ll be glued to your phone because the Instagram accounts we’ve rounded up below are teeming with photographs and quotes you won’t be able to tear yourself away from.

1. For a regular burst of colour: @ckelso

There’s inspiration and then there’s inspiration. Artist and designer Caroline Kelso wraps her insightful musings on business, creativity and personal growth in brightly coloured artworks that instantly soothe the soul. If you feel as though your motivation has run dry, you can be certain Kelso’s Instagram updates will give you the energy you need to run the extra mile and get your work done.

Just sat down to check back in on my own personal evolution and shift my business strategy accordingly (it's a process that I believe to be CRUCIAL in living one's most vibrant life as a creative business owner) but I'll admit my head is spinning with the possibilities. I see opportunities everywhere but with no clear winner in terms of where my effort will be best spent. ⠀ . ⠀ Maybe you've experienced this feeling too? No idea which path is the BEST path, so all you end up doing is standing still, waiting for the best to reveal itself? ⠀ . ⠀ Well, I'm tired of the pain of standing still. It feels wasteful. And every moment stalling and second-guessing feels like a moment that my Doubt feeds on… and I'm not about to let that Doubt character get all big and strong. No sirree. ⠀ .⠀ So I've given myself until tomorrow to choose my next step forward. And then I'm going to make a plan and go for it. Because either way — whether it proves to be a fruitful move or a misstep — at least I know I'll learn something, and at least I know I'll have taken a step forward. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #thehappynow #digitalart #choosemust #liveyourtruth #risingtidesociety #dreamersanddoers #peoplescreative #makersmovement #liveauthentic #bloomyellow #makersgonnamake #madetomatter #creativelife #bigmagic #creativepreneur #communityovercompetition #theimperfectboss #soulfulcreative #lovewarrior #soulshare #handlettering #lettering #digitalart #handletteredart

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2. For healthy living tips and tricks: @lazygirlfit

Jess Robinson is a Sydney-based personal trainer who makes living a healthy life look easy and accessible. Her Instagram feed is teeming with mouth-watering food photographs, relatable quotes, and quick fitness tips. The best part? Jess understands the struggle that many of us are up against when it comes to living a healthy life, and she encourages her followers to allow that feeling and push past it.

Grey skies are gone and smoothie bowls are back baby! Have a fabulous short week my lovelies 💚

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3. For empowering poetry: @cleowade

Cleo Wade is an artist, speaker and poet, whose rise to fame can be largely credited to the Instagram account she started in 2014. There, Wade started posting her empowering poetry, and she soon caught the eye of celebrities, such as Lena Dunham and Bella Hadid. While Cleo is known for her poetry, she’s also vocal about important cultural issues such as gender and race equality. If your feed needs a balance of art and activism, Cleo is your woman.

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4. For gorgeous photography: @teamwoodnote

Caroline Lee and her husband, Jayden, work as wedding photographers in Los Angeles (under the name Woodnote Photography). When Caroline isn’t busy working, she’s filling her feed with gorgeous snippets from their lives. This feed effortlessly balances simple moments with bright colours and buzzing scenes. It’s a real treat to tune in and see what you’ll find – whether it’s a cactus, a shot of the Hollywood Hills, a portrait of a friend or Tunisian salt lakes.

pink salt lakes. is this my heaven on earth?! #tunisiareveals

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5. For home décor and design ideas: @witanddelight_

Kate Arends is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a marketing consultant, but she also has a product line with Target (USA) and runs a popular and cleverly curated Instagram account that certainly lives up to its name. On any given day, you might find yourself yearning to get away, thanks to a shot of a Mexican hotel, or hoping to curl up on the sofa thanks to a photograph of a cosy lounge situation. Either way, you can get your daily dose of décor and design inspiration in a snap.

Sunny Saturday

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6. For hope for a better tomorrow: @charitywater

Charity: Water has a simple mission: To bring clean and safe drinking water to the world. Via their Instagram feed, they show their community of followers the impact of that mission. If you’re ever feeling helpless or as though small acts of kindness and charity aren’t enough, this is the feed to follow. Hope exudes from every photograph, giving you a boost of positivity for your day.

7. For self-love: @biancabass

Bianca Bass is a London-based writer whose missives on career conundrums, creativity, and earning money should not be missed. Thanks to the muted colour palette, you’ll feel waves of calm wash over you. Beyond that, you’ll find honest self-portraits and quick affirmations that will have you feeling empowered in a hot second.

8. For moments in time: @VSCO

Given VSCO has created one of the most popular photo-editing apps for Instagram, it should come as no surprise that VSCO also has one of the more popular feeds on Instagram. For photographs that capture simple moments in time, there are few others like it. As for what makes VSCO’s feed stand out, it’s simple – the photographs are often left to speak for themselves, which allows you, the follower, to determine what it is you’re seeing. Genius.

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