8 Apps to Help Run Your Business on the Go


Take your startup with you.

Young woman working from home

Being able to take your business with you when travelling or simply while out of office is a huge benefit in the digital age. Knowing this, a number of apps have sprouted to let you do just that. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

1. Elk
If you’re travelling with your biz or expanding internationally, a currency converting app will come in mighty handy. We like this one for its no-fuss sleek and simple design.

2. Gengo
This people-powered translation service has more than 21,000 translators (collectively fluent in 37 languages) ready to translate just about any document in any format you can fling at them.

3. World Meeting Time
Planning meetings across countries? This tool schedules according to participants’ time zones. You input a time, it populates the local time for all and sends out an email to confirm.

4. Boomerang
This Gmail Android app lets you schedule when emails are sent, so they won’t be hitting your overseas contacts’ inboxes at some ungodly hour. If you’re an iOs user, you can access the function via their web browser.

5. Duolingo
This free personal language-learning app uses gamification to get you conversing in new markets in no time (it only takes five minutes a day, they say).

6. Basecamp
What’s the office up to while you’re on the road? Basecamp project management software tethers you to your team and lets you know who’s doing what (Trello works a treat here, too).

7. Pingdom
Let website monitoring service Pingdom keep an eye on your site’s uptime and average response time so you can take in the sights while doing business abroad.

8. Eversign
Good luck finding a printer and scanner to sign off documents on the go. Eversign creates an e-signature, applies it to documents and invites others to add their e-signatures for you.

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