4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Run a Successful Business


HOM group founder Malvina Kang explains.


Life just seems to get busier, doesn’t it? Equally, taking time for mindfulness has become more important than ever, as the modern world fills every spare second of your time with something else you didn’t know you needed. But popular techniques of practising mindfulness don’t just help with switching off – some are perfectly geared to teach you wider lessons about yourself to apply to any aspect of life.

For HOM Yoga’s Malvina Kang, this was definitely the case for her yoga practice. The owner of her own yoga studio realised in her business journey that the very thing she was teaching others taught her something about herself and the way she lived her life.

Here, she tells Collective Hub exactly how the basic principles of yoga have helped her build her business and, also, how it can help you to do the same.

It’s important to let go…

When I first opened HOM Yoga, I was involved in every aspect of the business. From teaching, cleaning, to organising the interiors of the studio; everything had to be perfect and I loved being immersed in it all. As the business grew, I found myself exhausted as I was still engaged in the small and finer details. I soon realised I had to let go and let everyone around me feel empowered to do their jobs the best they could, to allow the business to grow. Yoga is all about letting go of things that do not serve you in order for self-growth and realisation. It is through daily practice I was able to discover this for myself.

…and stay flexible

I come from a family with a very strong work ethic. I was brought up with the expectation to run a 9-6 work load and this in turn shaped the way I expected to work myself. With the arrival of my son Munro, I could no longer adhere to this configuration. I needed to work around my son and what his needs were, and rearrange my day so I could achieve all these things I previously achieved in this structure. I believe the key to running a successful business requires a great deal of flexibility with your time. While the practice of yoga teaches you to be physically flexible, it creates space in the body to translate mentally and emotionally.

Go to the greatest

Prior to starting HOM yoga, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was young and confused. Through my daily practice I reflected on these questions: “How can I be the most empowered self?” and “what are my core values and how do these reflect the way in which I work and live?” Through my practice and self-study, the answers arrived from the deepest part of me clearly guiding me to the greatest gift, which was to open my own studio. This I knew I could do with full conviction.

Stay present in the moment and focus

The practice of yoga requires you to stay focused and remain present. During a normal workday, sometimes problems arise. It’s common to be thrown a multitude of issues at the same time – a water pipe has burst through the wall, a teacher is sick, the website is down, or any number of issues. In moments like this, it would be very easy to let things become overwhelming. Yoga has taught me to handle any situation with complete commitment to being present 100 per cent, in turn making every task no matter how chaotic always manageable.


Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub



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