Top 8 Vivid Sydney Events You Should Check Out


It's gonna be big.

The city of Sydney comes alive during the lights, music and ideas festival of Vivid, in more ways than one. From wildly illuminated public buildings to mind-expanding discussions of every subject under the sun, Vivid Sydney gives us myriad reasons to leave the comfort of our couches – more than any other month of the year.

Here are some of the events we’ll be emerging from our shell for.

Are you ready to take the next big step in your music career? Whether you’re drawn to the stage and screen or want to shape the sounds behind the scenes, the road to recognition can be long and bumpy. Successful music projects seem glamorous and effortless, but in reality, there is often an untold story of financial hardship and emotional setbacks behind every chart-topping album, award-winning musical, or critically acclaimed opera. Presented by Music Love, this event sees four diverse female success stories in the music industry discuss ways they’ve developed their skills, built on every little win and nurtured their careers. What tips will help. What traps to avoid. Who can you trust for success?
Sat., 10 Jun

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve encountered the work of iconic American artist Shepard Fairey before. Blurring the boundaries of art and design, his notable works include the OBEY GIANT art project, the Barack Obama HOPE campaign, as well as this year’s We The People initiative. It’s also his first visit to Australia since 2003. As well as showing off a selection of his music-themed artworks, he’ll be painting one of his largest public art murals in the Sydney CBD so Sydneysiders can watch this exclusive Vivid Sydney artwork come to life.
Sat., 17 Jun.

To buy tickets and view the full program, visit Vivid Sydney.

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Talk about big. This Hollywood heavyweight is responsible for some of cinema’s most memorable films (Scarface, Wall Street and Platoon, just to name a few) and is bringing to Sydney his take on telling stories and why this skill makes him such an indispensable part of the cinema landscape.
Sun., 28 May

As BuzzFeed’s founder and The Huffington Post’s cofounder, Jonah is firmly placed to be taking us on a journey through the modern media landscape as he will in his Vivid Sydney appearance. He’ll discuss the rapid growth of the BuzzFeed platform as well as the future of creativity and why it’s important to inject a little humanity back into our media outlets.
Sun., 28 May

Keen to delve into the minds of Australia’s most successful start-up founders? We know we are. The Sunrise is where these successful founders will share their stories of how companies were created and later, scaled. The panel includes Shan Lyn Ma, the entrepreneur who co-founded Zola, an online wedding registry for millennials; Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox; and Didier Elzinger, the Melbourne-based entrepreneur and founder of Culture Amp.
Wed., 31 May

Celebrating 15 years of creative inspiration, it’s no surprise this year’s theme is ‘designing for change’. This three-day design festival brings together talented artists and creative icons from across Australia and the world, as well as some of Sydney’s leading entrepreneurs to wax lyrical (through art and words) about themes like artificial intelligence, machine learning, immersive storytelling and redesigning cities. Katherine Keating publisher of VICE Impact, Nike design director Meirion Pritchard, Jacqueline Bourke from Getty Images, Australian designers David Caon, Henry Wilson and Sydney Architect Kelvin Ho, as well as speakers from Google, Netflix, Pixar, Amazon and more will all be part of this creative extravanganza.
Thu., 25 May

As a platform for creative women across media, business, technology and beyond to connect, share and learn. You’ll hear from creative women willing to share their skills and knowledge in hopes of encouraging other creative women to access their talents, all while helping the community to connect with each other for additional support. It’s networking, but fun.
Thu., 1 Jun.

A film festival with a twist, Clipped is a one-day music clip festival event that brings together the best of Australian and international music video production. Along with an exhibition, Clipped will also host fascinating discussion panels featuring music industry big wigs and artists like American video director Warren Fu who has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, The Strokes, HAIM, The Killers, Depeche Mode, Weezer, Mark Ronson, Julian Casablancas, and Aaliyah.
Sat., 3 Jun.

To buy tickets and view the full program, visit Vivid Sydney.

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