The Time-Saving Gmail Feature You Should Totally Be Using


Replies via robots.

Emails are generally known as the bane of one’s existence and anything we can do to avoid encountering them is a daily step we’re willing to take (has Slack changed your life yet? Or maybe you’re a Microsoft kind of person?).

As much as you hate emailing, we bet you haven’t yet used Google’s Smart Reply feature. Whether you’re one of the billion new Gmail users who now have access to Google’s “AI-first” powered Smart Reply program as of yesterday (it’s previously been available on Android Wear and Allo, and was previously rolled out in the Inbox app in 2015), or you just haven’t cottoned on, we think today should be that day.

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Based on any email you receive, Google uses a clever “machine learning” erm, machine, to scan the email and generate three options for a response. Basically, it does the thinking for you – and who doesn’t want that kind of technology?

This bot is so clever, it also picks up on your own cyber quirks, generating not just those cold ‘I-am-busy-right-now’ type responses – but it also does some pretty thorough work to make sure the options are positively you. That is, Google explains, if you’re a ‘cheers for that’ person rather than a ‘love you bae! xx’, their smart little bot will know and generate a response appropriate to your level of digital cuteness.

A minute saved is a minute earned and no-one can argue with that.

Download Inbox on Google Play and App Store.

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Bridget de Maine

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