The 6 Most Beautiful Yoga Spaces in the World


We feel zen already.

When it comes to the impact of architecture on our daily lives, it’s fair to say that where we do our living has just as much weight as what we do while we’re in it. (Philosopher and architecture-enthusiast Alain de Botton is a big advocate of beautiful, effective living and public spaces.)

That’s why we’re advocates of the spaces we visit to reset and re-centre being utterly transcendent in their beauty and simplicity – if that dolphin pose is really getting you to sweat, your surrounds can remind you to clear your mind of worries and struggles. And who doesn’t love an overdose of white walls?

Here are some of our favourite spots around the world that have some serious zen going on.

1. Good Vibes, Melbourne

We’re not surprised this yoga studio is so damn pretty, considering it was founded by an artist. Kirra Jamison created this studio not just to look good, but to tick all important yoga studio requirements: hydronic heating to 23°C doesn’t cause dehydration and all mats used are closed cell, avoiding sweat absorption (thank goodness). Plus, showers are stocked with natural hair and beauty products. Did we leave anything out?

2. MNDFL, New York

Alright, we confess – MNDFUL isn’t a yoga studio, it’s a meditation studio (but mindfulness achieved, right?). Forget the fact that this studio exists to lower the blood pressure of busy New Yorkers, we had to leave this one on the list if only for its penchant for totally de-stressing interior in every outpost (there are studios in Williamsburg, the Lower East Side and Greenwich Village). Light, bright and as chic as a boutique hotel, we imagine drifting into a meditative state won’t be too difficult here.

3. Another Space, London

We don’t know about you, but a light-filled loft is our dream venue for a little stretch. And yoga isn’t the only tempting thing on the premises – Another Space also has an on-site snack bar which serves up everything from healthy smoothies and snacks to nutritious lunches. Oh, and there’s also Cowshed branded goodies for your post-workout wash down. You’ll be set for the day after a session here.

4. Hummung Puppy, East coast Australia

With studios in both Sydney and Melbourne, these industrial-chic studios are more like setting up residence in a cool inner-city hotel for an hour or so. If you’re wondering about the unusual name, it’s a throw to their insanely in-tune set: each space uses a combination of 7.83hz and 40hz in order to naturally produce matching frequencies. The tech was developed by leading acoustic engineers ARUP and is meant to imitate the Schumann Resonance (the frequency of the earth) and Gamma brainwave activity that’s central to peak performance of athletes, respectively.

5. Delight Yoga, Amsterdam

Although there are a few outposts around the Netherlands, the studio in the Amsterdam suburb of Weteringschans is our pick. The setting is classically European and very homey – does that kitchen not seem like it could house your best friend making you a cuppa? Although there are no showers at this particular studio, there are 200 classes a week across all studios so what they lack in facilities, they make up in sheer teaching willpower.

6. Modo Yoga, New York

Both people- and earth-conscious, Modo Yoga does in play what it preaches at work: not only is it a beautiful studio, the company has a serious social conscience that – along with founding Junglekeepers, a charity dedicated to protecting the Madre de Dios region of Peru – they’ve founded yoga schools in Haiti and also constructed their studio from salvaged materials.

All Modo Yoga photos via Florian Holzherr

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub

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