Instagram’s ‘Archive’ Feature Offers a Private Place for Your Snaps


Put that away.

Considering there are currently over 700 million monthly users curating their digital lives on Instagram, we’d say this new feature is about to change the way they do business.

Despite the fact you’re generally pretty vigilant with what you post on your feed (who would ever post two brunch snaps in a row?), no matter how carefully you tread, you might feel like that post of your Friday evening in pyjamas making pals with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t fit your overall online aesthetic.

Yesterday, Instagram began testing a new ‘archive’ feature with selected users, which allows them to ‘hide’ certain posts from their feed in case they change their minds and no longer want it in their feed. If you change your mind about changing your mind, this feature will let you ‘unhide’ said post, so it’s back in its original place. Sure, you could have delete the post completely, but then what of all those hard-earned likes and emojis of encouragement?

Stay tuned for potential future roll-out dates.

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