How To Spot The Lesser Known Type of Narcissist


This one flies under the radar.

Women blowing confetti into the camera

If your understanding of a narcissist is someone who talks a little too loudly about their weekend in the break room, you might want to reconsider. Sure, that’s hell annoying, but being annoying does not a narcissist make, and you might be surprised about what types of behaviour constitute a real-life narcissist.

As W. Keith Campbell explains in this fascinating TED video (see below), narcissism isn’t a type of person, it’s actually a set of traits. Additionally, our common understanding of a grand-standing narcissist is a little misguided – there is, according to research, such a thing as a “vulnerable narcissist”.

These people typically exhibit reservedness, but they have a quiet sense of entitlement, leading to easily feeling threatened and therefore they possess the same selfish way of operating and making decisions, just like the more commonly recognised “grandiose narcissist”.

You might think you know how to identify a narcissist, but do you know how to deal with one? Peep this if you’re having trouble.

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