How to Detox Your Netflix History


Watch stuff you're not proud of?


There’s no home equivalent of NSFW at home, is there? Everything’s fair game, unless your parents come to stay.

Considering that fact, there’s probably a trail of things you might not want others to know once they go trawling through your Netflix ‘recently watched’ – like, how many times you’ve watched Mystic Pizza in the past week (or worse).

But there is actually a way for you to delete your Netflix history.

Head into your account, find the “Your Account” tab in the dropdown menu, then scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find “Viewing Activity”. Then, all you need to do it press the “X” buttons next to the shows you’re not keen on appearing in your top scroll menu.

Now you can watch without guilt – you’re welcome.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub

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