Growing Without Money: Taking Your Idea from Dream to Reality


Our masterclasses for anyone looking to take the next step. 25 May 2017

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Do you feel stuck in your business or lost in how best to allocate your resources?

Are you ready to get your brand out there in a creative way – without breaking the bank?

Do you want to take your business to the next level without blowing your budget? 

The bigger question is: can you grow and scale your business with a limited budget?

The answer is YES you can! Sure, financial support is a great way to boost your potential business to the next level, but it doesn’t have to start and end there.

In this masterclass, Jessica Ruhfus, Founder of Collabosaurus will help you understand the power of collaboration, and how to build a roadmap and marketing plan that will help you grow your brand on a budget.

Key Learnings:
Learn how to define, prioritise and overcome potential problems limited finances can bring
Gain experience diversifying revenue streams
Build marketing channels to achieve big impact without a big budget

Before you sign up
For this class, we are learning from a successful start-up and exploring ways to cleverly market and kickstart your business, with little to no capital. It is important to have a business idea, or an existing business to apply learnings to.

Meet your Masterclass Mentor
Jess Ruhfus, Founder of Collabosaurus

When brands partner up, amazing things can happen. The likes of Uber x Spotify, Topshop X Doughnut Time and GoPro X Redbull helped spark the idea for Collabosaurus – a matchmaker for brands. Since starting the platform in 2015, Collabosaurus now houses over 3000+ opportunities & Jess has spoken for Apple, General Assembly, ADMA, The Collective Hub & The College of Event Management on all things marketing, collaborations, sponsorships & entrepreneurship.

Collabosaurus is the matchmaker for brands. We connect complementary brands for powerful cross promotions and collaborations in events, social media, product and referral partnerships. Collabosaurus makes finding and negotiating creative partnerships simple, streamlining the partnership process to mirror a ‘dating site’ structure. The platform was launched in April 2015 and has attracted over 3000 brands, big and small, to create and source growth opportunities. A valuable site for startups to large corporations, Collabosaurus is anonymous and will match users based on relevant, shared target markets and goals.

Collective Hub HQ is where all the magic happens for us, so we thought it only right we open our doors to our Collective Hub community with our masterclasses. Aimed at helping you find both the inspiration and the practical advice you need to apply to your growing business or burgeoning big idea, our highly intimate Collective101 masterclasses will be led by leaders in every industry and not only will you be given indispensable knowledge and lessons straight from top brands and educators, you can also get kitted out with Collective Hub merchandise, and be given homework (of the helpful kind, don’t worry!) to help you apply those learnings, long after the class is dismissed.


Register for the May event

Date: Thursday 25 May 2017
Times: 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Location: Collective Hub, Level 9 46-56 Kippax Street, Surry Hills 2010
Price: $104.45 (includes BF, food, drinks & gift bag )
Event capacity: 30

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