Collective Hub + Wellineux | June Wellness Workshops in Sydney


Zen in the city.

Collective Hub Wellness events

Everyday Mindfulness

Thursday 29 June

Join Wellineux at Collective Hub HQ for an evening dedicated to reducing your stress and overwhelm.

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Morning Rooftop Yoga

Friday 30 June

Join us for morning rooftop yoga and a nourishing breakfast on Collective Hub’s sun drenched balcony!

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Qi Gong & Meditation

Friday 30 June

An evening of mindfulness with Wellineux and Collective Hub.

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Women’s Wellness Workshop

Saturday 1 July

Join us for a morning of yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and creative workshops, plus talks from inspiring wellness leaders!

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Wellineux is hosting a series of wellness workshops at Collective HQ in Sydney. Learn more.

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