Arianna Huffington: ‘I Don’t Hide My Outfit Repeats, I Celebrate Them’


The new sartorial power move.

Arianna Huffington

Pay and promotions aren’t the only gaps between men and women in the workplace, says Arianna Huffington. Sitting on a panel last year she realised her fellow female panellists – despite their remarkable accomplishments – are still “labouring under the cotton-silk-rayon-make-up-and-heels ceiling”.

“Being able to spend only a few minutes getting ready versus an hour or two is a serious competitive advantage,” says Arianna.

It’s a concept that’s gained popularity in recent years. There’s Mark Zuckerberg and co in their tees and hoodies, previous Polyvore CEO Jess Lee and her all-black ensembles, and former Saatchi & Saatchi art director Matilda Khan who wore the same style (black pants, white blouse and a leather rosette) every day for three years.

But the new power dressing isn’t about uniforms; ‘Thrive Style’ is the simple concept of allowing wardrobe repeats to become normalised. Rooted in the idea that one less decision in the wardrobe is one more in the boardroom, Arianna is encouraging women to embrace ‘the repeat’ – proudly wearing trusted pieces again and again, leaving shame in the back of the closet.

“I don’t hide my repeats, I celebrate them. When I’m getting ready for an event, I don’t spend time agonising about what to wear – I pick out one of my frequently worn favourites and call it a day.”

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Tara Francis


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