5 Things To Do Instead of Peeping Your Insta Feed


Pop these on your phone.

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The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, so says a study by marketing agency Mediakix. We almost choked when we read that. While there’s no denying the satisfying (and equally addictive) kick that comes of needless scrolling, perhaps we could do without knowing the latest happenings of our online crew. So if, like us, you find yourself suffering from separation anxiety when your phone isn’t within reach, rest assured we’re not alone, with studies indicating teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms.

So, to tackle our growing social media FOMO, we’ve sourced five apps that will benefit you more than a double-tap and (hooray!) actually improve your day-to-day life.

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Daily Page

If you want to get into journalling or are keen to work on your daily mindfulness, Daily Page is the perfect app to do so. Each morning, you’ll receive a writing prompt about a topic or thought, then you have till the end of the day to complete it. Taking the notion of “online community” one step further, once finished, you can choose whether to keep it private or share it with the app’s community.


A long commute, lunch breaks and waiting in line are often prime conditions for a quick Insta scroll, but by switching your ‘gramming with a short TED Talk instead, you are sure to have learnt something valuable and thought-provoking. Don’t worry, the Instagram story will still be there when you get back.

Gutenberg Project

Lugging a book around, in the event you get a moment of respite, can be a drag. Gutenberg Project provides screen devotees over 53,000 of the most important books published in history, and more than 7,000 human-read audio books for free. The pages are beautifully designed and is set up to feel as though you’re gracefully turning the page of a beautiful print edition.


If you’re looking for a (beneficial) upgrade to your former Candy Crush obsession, Lumosity is a brain-training program designed by scientists and game designers to increase cognitive abilities. If you’re a little cynical about the app’s worthiness, Lumosity boasts more than 85 million mental athletes worldwide.


If you’re looking to become more philanthropic, but find it hard to part with big wads of cash, Instead is an app that helps you swap little things throughout the day, and give them to charity in the form of micro-donations. After you open the app, a simple tap on the ‘give’ button lets you choose a monetary value to donate to charity and what you gave up to do so. If you’re trying to cut down and don’t need your third cup of java which usually sets you back $4, you can choose a non-profit organisation to give it to instead. Note, the company nabs a 5 per cent cut of the donation to keep the app running.

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