5 Genius Podcasts to Help You (Finally) Fall Asleep


*Strictly no ocean sounds.

Woman cuddling yellow pillow in bed

Anyone who’s ever missed a night of slumber will acutely know just how badly a lack of shut eye can affect your energy levels, not to mention your patience and partiality to hangriness the next day.

Luckily, if you’re an insomniac, there’s a podcast for that – well, five that we’ve found, in fact – that can act like the tech equivalent of someone gently patting your hair and reading you a bedtime story.

Here are the most notable ones.

Sleep With Me
The only podcast of its kind, Sleep With Me is the original sleep-inducing audio. The host, Drew Ackerman, purposefully tells his long, typically uninteresting stories in a distinctive mutter that he extends across his collection of quirky podcasts, which include the boring recap podcast Game of Drones and the slightly ridiculous Sleep to Strange, which tells outrageous stories in a ‘progressively boring’ manner. In short, he’s a bit of genius when it comes to taking you to the land of nod.

New Yorker Fiction
Having bedtime stories read to you were the childhood signal for dozing off, and that’s why it’s particularly fitting for any adult insomniac. As the figurehead for quality fiction, The New Yorker is a great place to start settling into your bedtime story regime – there’s everyone from Junot Díaz, Zadie Smith and Paul Theroux reading other great works of fiction. You’ll be drifting off to Dreamland in no time.

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Miette’s Bedtime Stories
In the same vein as the episodes on the New Yorker’s podcast, this option tempts you to slumber considerably more, purely because the host has a soft Welsh accent, and she loves a good pause. These rambling tales are definitely doze-worthy.

David Attenborough: Desert Island Discs
It’s everyone’s dream to be lulled to sleep by television’s most gentle and peaceful voice, so why not give it a try? BBC has a whole collection of David and an interviewer musing on his best bits from his long illustrious career, accompanied by the soaring classical tunes that punctuate all of his nature series.

Wireless Nights
Rocker Jarvis Cocker’s talking voice seems as though it’s straight out of a vintage, black and white detective film, and his award-winning series explores “the human condition” during the early morning hours, so it’s perfectly on theme. It’s in no way boring, it’s just that it seems to flow in the same way your mind does before it finally takes its rest.

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