Sunday is Email Debt Forgiveness Day


A grace period for replies, if you will.

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We’ve all had that looming feeling of opening our inbox each morning, anticipating the several unread emails that await. With our heinously busy schedules, it’s becoming increasingly common for that RSVP decline to fall by the wayside, or an overdue apology to become uncomfortably overdue. Such messages become part of the unanswered vortex; another of those things that a high-functioning adult would have actioned by now.

If this is has ever happened to you, you are not alone; in fact, there is an entire holiday dedicated to it. Sunday marks the third anniversary of Email Debt Forgiveness Day: a 24-hour grace period to send all the emails you’ve been putting off, without guilt and (hopefully) any consequence.

[This day] is a 24-hour grace period to send all the emails you’ve been putting off, without guilt.

This simple, and frankly genius, idea began when Alex Goldman, the host of podcast channel Reply All – dedicated to discussing life on the internet – had an e-dilemma of his own. When he received an email from a former band member to catch up before moving cities, anxiety led him to procrastinate replying for over a month, which then led to a complete non-response. This e-mail-induced guilt led to Goldman and P.J. Vogt (Goldman’s co-host) creating the much-needed day.

“I couldn’t tell if this was going to be like National Appreciate-Your-Typewriter Day or Valentine’s Day,” Vogt says. But he’s happy that everyone has understood its presence. “Everybody that I’ve talked to has immediately got it. I thought it would just be for anxious people. But everyone who’s a human being who’s used a computer understood a need for this.”

If you want the recipient to understand more about the day, include this link as the explanation.

Have a listen to how others have celebrated the day from the creators themselves from their original podcast below.



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