This Company is Offering Its Employees a ‘Delocation’ Bonus


Pack a suitcase, not a briefcase.


For most, work and travel don’t really go together. Sure, you can dip into your emails while you’re relaxing on a sun lounger (or use your travel to spark more creative ideas like this Australian entrepreneur), but if your boss knew you were dipping into mojitos between report writing, they might not be so supportive.

This Silicon Valley-based company is different. Zapier, a web automation app company lives and breathes the values it promotes through its product by having a long-running policy of employees working from a location-flexible office – that is, the company boasts a 100 per cent remote workforce. Now CEO Wade Foster wants to support his employees further.

While we’d happily take the opportunity to work from anywhere for no additional perks, the company is also offering its travelling staff a US$10,000 bonus to choose a new office. Following skyrocketing prices of living and working in the world’s tech capital, Wade and his company are encouraging employees to consider options outside of San Francisco – for their jobs and standards of living.

“It can be a real challenge to turn the Bay Area into a life-long home, rather than a short stop somewhere in our twenties and thirties,” Zapier’s CEO wrote on the company blog. “The housing crunch and high cost of living simply price out many families and, despite loving the area, the realities are many of us need to look elsewhere to create the life we want for our families.”

“Well,” we can hear Zapier employees say as they pack their bags for Spain, “if you insist.”

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