Strategies For Leaving Your Crap Week Behind


Was it utterly forgettable?

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We all have good and bad days, but if you’ve had a straight run of five, you’ll know that by the time you crawl to the weekend, it will be over as soon as you get there. Instead of spending your weekend lamenting the week that was, take action towards putting it firmly in the past.

Here are five strategies for leaving your forgettable week behind:

Fix next week now

Taking action can be the best way to start the ‘moving on’ process. Is there anything you can do differently next week? Take more breaks, eat better lunches, focus on one task at work instead of multi-tasking? Start to lay those foundations now through your weekend, so that you can start next week confident and relaxed about what it could bring.

Disappear into something unrelated

Can’t get your week off your mind? Why not try jumping into something that can tear your mind away from the day to day? You can start on your commute home by tuning into a TED Talk about the physics of the universe (see below), or a podcast that captures your imagination (if you’re not listening to S-Town yet, it’s time to tune in). You’ll soon find your week floating away and your mind relaxing into a much-needed unwind zone. 

Put it in perspective

It’s been proven that helping others helps you. Even if you’re not part of a volunteer organisation, you can still improve the lives of others around you, giving you and your weekend a purpose beyond work and career. Why not pay for a stranger’s lunch? Or drop something around to a neighbour? It’s important to connect with a world outside of your office and those who need a helping hand can help put your troubled week in perspective.

“Help given to others is a better predictor of health and wellbeing than are indicators of social engagement or received social support,” concluded the author’s of this altruism study.

Leave it at work

You know what? Weekends are short enough without carrying around the weight of a terrible week. Find some time at the end of the day, even if it’s outside of work hours to find a quiet spot in the office and write down all the things that went wrong and how they made you feel in one column. Next to that, have a column for all the things you’re looking forward to on the coming weekend and how they’ll make you feel. Then, rip the page in half, throw the negatives in the bin and keep the gratitude piece in your pocket.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub



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