Should You Ditch Freelancing for the Security of Full-time Work?


Do it for the right reasons.

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After leaving your 9-to-5 to pursue your freelance ideal, you’re now reconsidering a return to the security of a regular pay day. Not sure if it’s the right decision? Before you sign your freelance life away, make sure you…

Have an honest chat with yourself

“The thought of going from freelance to full-time can be overwhelming,” executive coaches Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell of The Essentialists say.

To help you gain clarity, they recommend asking yourself these questions: What job security am I after by returning to full-time work? Will I feel happier and more confident in a full-time environment? Will taking a full-time job advance my career path? Will having a more structured day benefit my health and wellbeing?

Answer honestly. That way you’ll know you’re making a move for the right reasons.

Re-evaluate what’s working

Most people consider a move back into full-time work when money woes intensify. “If you became a freelancer just to make more money, of course, it makes sense to go back to a job that pays you a regular income,” financial planner Katie Pecotich says.

But if you’re driven by something else, Katie says it’s important to keep tweaking your business until you find your own sweet spot. Since leaving her full-time job two years ago, where most of her clients were retirees, she kept tweaking her new business until she found her niche offering financial advice to Gen X and Y.

“If something isn’t working, nip it in the bud and move on,” Katie says. “The faster you do that, the faster you’ll grow your business and then you won’t need to go back into full-time work.”

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Lizza is a Sydney-based journalist and boxer.


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