Is Your Salary Correct for Your Experience?


This will delight or depress you.

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We all know money makes people funny (ever had trouble setting your salary expectations in interviews, for example?).

For a lot of people, your financial worth is tied to your personal worth at work, which is one reason it makes many of you a little crazy to find out your desk buddy earns more (or less) than you do. But salaries are muddy waters and a lot of factors come into play when it comes to determining where you sit. It’s most helpful, however, to see where others in your field, with your job title and experience, sit on the pay scale.

Completing a helpful survey on PayScale Salary will do the trick – you can calibrate it according to age, experience and location in order to get some transparency about just how much you’re worth in the marketplace. You might be delighted, or deflated, by the result.

The results are generated by the median, as opposed to the average, so you can see exactly where you sit in regards to others in your career peer group.

And, if you’re not happy with the results, asking for a pay rise is the next logical step (take your newfound knowledge with you).

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Bridget de Maine

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