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We’ve eagerly watched as Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing platform into a burgeoning online community and fountain of inspiration. And starting today, Instagram will allow you to save posts in albums, much like a Pinterest board. While the app already allowed for the saving of images, now you can create specific collections divvied up into categories, be it inspirational quotes, outfit muses or funny memes.

To save your latest find to a specific category, simply hold the save button for a little longer than usual and your categories will appear, saving the image to your desired folder.

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Instagram has never shied away from adding features similar to that of its rivals, with Instagram Stories mirroring that of Snapchat, and also updating its direct messaging service with disappearing messages. It seems that despite Instagram’s increasing similarity to existing apps, users are still hungry for more storytelling and curation options. According to Instagram, 46 per cent of ‘grammers have saved at least one post on Instagram, and 29 per cent of those saved photos and videos belonged to businesses.

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