Could a ‘Coffee Nap’ Enhance Our Performance at Work?


Two of our favourite pastimes combined.


If you’re anything like us, sometimes you just don’t get enough shut-eye to be an optimal, functioning human. We don’t blame you, with Netflix binges, an addictive read or just the usual social media scroll comprising the very late-night activities that have us yawning our way to the office. If sleep debt is a common (unwanted) acquaintance that follows you to work, new research about a more effective way to nap could be your perfect antidote. The key? Combining the powers of a strong coffee with a nap.

According to lifestyle and sleep scientist Dr Chin Moi Chow of the University of Sydney, research has shown that caffeine followed quickly by a nap, for a duration of 10-15 minutes, allowed participants to feel more energised compared to using just one of the two. Through driving simulations and questionnaires, the findings also showed increased alertness and a high-performance range.

We know what you’re next question may be: how do you fall asleep when caffeine keeps you alert? According to Dr Chow, the full effects of coffee don’t appear till 20-30 minutes post drinking, so if you get some deep zzzs immediately after your final sip, you should be able to slip into a good slumber. The key time? Just prior to your post-lunch coma. You get the pillows and we’ll grab the coffee.

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