Clever Startups That Cater to Night Owls


For workers who love the witching hour.


Research shows that 20 per cent of the global population are night owls – insomniacs, night workers and anyone who feels more productive after sunset, we’re looking at you. But is there anyone catering to your needs? More than a few places, actually.

Overnight co-working spaces
Planning to work an all-nighter but want some company other than your night light? The Diligence Coworking Café in the Philippines is open from 2.30pm until 7am, offering a buzzing workspace with high-speed Wi-Fi, all-night food, coffee and even shower facilities if you’re heading straight to a meeting the next morning. But the night owl movement isn’t just in the Philippines – an increasing number of coworking spaces now offer 24-hour access, including more than 500 locations in London as listed on coworking search platform Hubble. 

Midnight workouts
Although 24-hour gyms aren’t new, with bespoke technology, they’re becoming a little more accessible. At London’s Pure Gym, you can take a virtual spin class, at any time of the night, led by an instructor via pre-recorded video. A growing number of gyms are also using fingerprint technology so members can “unlock” the facilities day or night. And then there’s the wearable tech. FitBit’s new tracker, the Alta HR, is designed to be worn all day and all night, with a slimmer and lighter design.

Late night deliveries
Stomach rumbling at 1am? The American food delivery start-up Door Dash has teamed up with the fast food eatery Jack in the Box to deliver Munchies Meals, as late (or as early) as 3am to selected locations. Last year, Deliveroo announced it was extending its hours until 12.30am in selected areas of Sydney. Taking the idea one step further, American start-up GoPuff delivers thousands of products to your door all night long, whether you need a new phone charger, toiletry top-up or an emergency ice-cream delivery. 

Nocturnal networking
Want to attract millennials to your networking event? Push back the start time! This was the strategy taken by Mashable who held an invitation-only event at an advertising conference in Orlando, which started at 11.30pm.

We needed something that spoke to the youth and excitement and energy of our brand,” said Seth Rogin, chief revenue officer at Mashable. “We felt like a late-night event would speak to that really clearly.” Is midnight your best thinking time? Facebook’s famous all-night hackathons starts with Chinese food at 8pm and ends with pancakes at dawn.

Insomniac chatbots
A chatbot that keeps you company when everyone else is sleeping? This was the concept behind the Insomnobot3000, a marketing stunt created by the mattress start-up Casper, which was “designed to keep you company when you just can’t fall asleep.” Accessed via text, the bot was designed to talk about common late-night subjects – including boxsets and coffee – and functions best between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Once you’ve texted “him” once, the bot will sporadically instigate late-night conversations with you.

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