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Bianca Monley of Eat Fit Food

Bianca Monley is the proud founder of Eat Fit Food (which she calls her first-born child) – a wholefood delivery service that places nutritious meals at your door. Each breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared by professional chefs using quality produce, including locally farmed and ethically sourced meat and fish. It’s so revered, in fact, that Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP listed Eat Fit Food as one of its top home-delivery services in the world.

We recently asked Bianca a handful of questions to learn her greatest business lessons, her philosophy of clean eating, and why one should never, ever diet.

What’s your favourite business wisdom?
Everyone feels empowered when they achieve things, and I like to use my business to help people become better than when they started with Eat Fit Food. I love these two quotes from Richard Branson: “If you look after your staff, they look after your customers. It’s that simple,” and “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Who inspires you?
My business mentor, Mary Anne, who founded T2, inspires me incredibly. How she built T2 is simply outstanding; she had so much strength and perseverance all the way. Donna Hay is another woman who inspires me with her outstanding branding and food styling.

What’s the greatest obstacle for people wanting to overhaul their health?
Patience! Transformation takes time and requires a long-term lifestyle change. Sadly, people often turn to a quick fix and end up putting on weight or feeling worse than when they began. People always put it down to a number versus better sleeping patterns, more energy, etc. At Eat Fit Food, we encourage a lifestyle change – never a fad or quick fix.

Eat Fit Food

As a busy mum and businesswoman, what does conscious eating look like for you?
Never diet. Be prepared, don’t overeat, and enjoy the foods you love – just be mindful of the portion sizes. And, of course, Eat Fit Food is the perfect solution as a delicious healthy wholefood meal option during those crazy busy times.

“Our relationship with food is extremely important and needs to be a good one.”

What do people commonly misunderstand about nutrition?
Nutrition misinformation! This can lead to fear of particular foods or food groups. People need to take a step back and eat what they love in a healthy way; enjoy every moment, just don’t overdo it. Our relationship with food is extremely important and needs to be a good one. If you are ever unsure, seek out an accredited dietitian so they can step in and answer the difficult questions.

What’s your most meditative practice?
I love to meditate – it makes daily challenges so much easier to navigate through. I also find great solutions to problems in a meditative way through running, boxing and being at the Eat Fit Farm.

Eat Fit Food

You launched Eat Fit Food at the age of 22. What drove you and how did you know you were onto a good thing?
Without a doubt, my passion and love for what I do was the main driving force behind every up and down along the way. I always knew I was onto to a good thing from the very start and never questioned that. Eat Fit Food is unique as it’s changing people’s lives. I am so grateful to have created such a positive product that can actually make a difference.

What have you learnt through past failures?
Never take your focus off the business. You are the person who built it from the bottom up. There is no-one who will understand it as much as you do and will drive it with the passion you can. Your team is built by having a strong leader who inspires others so you can work together towards one big goal as a team. When you achieve it together, everyone feels empowered.

What’s your motto?
Always stay positive, empower others, be present, be kind, and always believe in the impossible.

Photography by Luisa Brimble

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