10 Design Tools Your Startup Needs


Aesthetics just got way easier.


Whether you’re an established designer or aspiring creative, these incredible tools are going to transform the way you work. Turn photos into vector art, choose from plenty of tasteful fonts, or employ one of Venngage’s many templates to craft your own infographic. Now, begone! Create!

1. PANTONE Studio
PANTONE your world with this digital swatch book, home to more than 10,000 hues. Colour-match from your pics, create palettes and share.

2. Imaengine Vector Camera
A camera-to-vector app, Imaengine makes for a fast, failsafe journey from image to scalable vector art by way of 30 editable style filters, 32 colours and different polygonal shapes.

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe’s Lightroom polishes up your smartphone photos. Just point, shoot and tap on the presets (there are also advanced adjustments for the more professional of us).

4. Font candy
Choose from more than 45 fonts, create captions and overlay them onto photos for your own custom designs (maybe the next big meme?) and share with ease on your socials.

5. Assembly
This software has already made shapes for you. Just take your pick from more than 180 basic forms and assemble them as you fancy into icons, logos and scenes.

6. Geló
A go-to for gradients, Gélo takes your image and offers up a series of coloured ‘gels’ to test and try, boasting a bunch of options for you to tweak to your heart’s content.

7. Paper by FiftyThree
This app builds a digital inspiration wall on your phone, capturing and connecting your notes, photos and sketches as quickly as they pour out of you.

8. Venngage
Who doesn’t love an infographic? Venngage design software has hundreds of templates to choose from, so all you have to do is drag-and-drop in your details and then sit back and look smart.

9. Beam
Another gem from team Venngage, this one is a chart and graph maker that’s super simple to use. You plug in the data, they put it into bar, line, column and pie charts.

10. Pablo
Pablo makes designing social media images a cinch. All you do is upload an image (or choose one of Pablo’s) and customise a font to fit your brand.

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