This Google Maps Extension Helps You Avoid Pulling a Kramer


Never get lost in a car park again.

Empty car park

We’re not sure why more product developers haven’t watched the whole back catalogue of Seinfeld and used the insanely true-to-life episodes as a jumping off point, but we think Google might have listened closely to one episode in particular.

In the beta phase on Android, Google Maps now has a function that allows you to keep track of your parked car – in both location and timing.

Not only does the parking extension locate your car using a GPS tracking function (so the next time you go to buy an air-conditioner with Jerry, Elaine and George, things won’t descend into chaos), but it also allows you to input information that could save you a heap of money too. The time you have left in your metered or timed parking spot can also be entered manually, alerting you to how much time you’ve got left before you’re in danger of a parking fine.

While Apple has had this function in place for a while, Google Maps also supports the uploading of multiple pictures of your location.

What’s next? An astronaut pen on Kickstarter? (Turns out, we’ve already thought of everything).

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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