This App Means You’ll Never Be Considered Thoughtless Again


No more friends getting shirty with you.

Birthday cake with pink icing and a single candle

Considering we’re so attached to our phones, it’s surprising how common it is to read a text, resolve to write back later, then never actually do.

Not to mention the amount of times we’ve thought, ‘gotta msg Sam for her b’day’ (because we think in text speak now, too) and then hastily sent a line of birthday cakes and dancing salsa-dress clad women at 11.14pm on the evening of their birthday is countless.

A new start-up, aptly named Scheduled, will ensure that you never look thoughtless again. In the same vein as earlier yet not-as-sleek scheduling message apps like Delayd and SMS Scheduler, it works like this: within the app, you can draft your important text, select the appropriate contact, then schedule it to a specific future time remind you via push notification to press send. While automatic send isn’t available on this app (you’ll need a jailbreak app for this), you can additionally use it to schedule messages on other apps, like WhatsApp, Twitter and Messenger, as well as phone calls and emails.

No more excuses.

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Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub



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