There Are Almost 70 New Emoji on the Horizon


One of them is a pretzel.

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Although it’s hard to beat the emoji update that brought us the much-needed avocado, this one isn’t too shabby. Announced today, a proposed 69 new emojis are in draft stage with Unicode, and we’re already excited about how many conversations we can have featuring a broccoli in them. There’s a push towards some more diverse emojis, which is great: for example, both men and women rock climbing or meditating, but there’s also the welcome addition of the emoji face swearing and vomiting (and also a pair of the cosiest socks going around).

Here are our favourite new additions.

“Person with headscarf”
Woman With Headscarf on Emojipedia 5.0
Anything that results in a broader representation, we’re definitely down for.

Breast-Feeding on Emojipedia 5.0
This one’s like having all-spice in your pantry: you don’t often use it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Pretzel on Emojipedia 5.0
It’s a travesty it’s taken this long for the delicious salty pretzel to reach the list. In fact, it’s a good excuse to celebrate with a pretzel – both over text and IRL.

“Person in steamy room”
Person in Steamy Room on Emojipedia 5.0
It’s not often that we frequent a steam room, but we suspect Swedes and people with awesome gyms will be most pleased with this addition.

Pie on Emojipedia 5.0
The emoji says it all, which, incidentally, is the marker of a great emoji.

“Face with hand over mouth”
Face With Hand Over Mouth on Emojipedia 5.0
Here we were thinking only monkeys LOLed.

“Palms up together”
Palms Up Together on Emojipedia 5.0
If Oliver Twist spoke emoji, this is what he’d say.

To see the full range of emoji for 2017, watch the video below.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub



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