The World’s 7 Smallest Spaces for Getting Away From it All


Your gypsy life awaits.


There’s just something comforting about a small space, isn’t there? It takes you back to childhood forts and secret corners, where adventures never seemed far (and a good torch was always within reach). From a haven in the hidden hills of a Swedish forest or the summer-tinged sanctuary of a gypsy caravan in Portugal, we’re desperately keen to grab a good book and curl up in a (tiny) corner of these cosy lodgings.

Kolarbyn – Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

This enchanting ecolodge may not be home to electricity or running water, but the surrounding forest of Bergslagen is home to critters aplenty, from beavers to moose, all waiting to be met. This wild abode is built into a hobbit-hole like hill, with nothing but animal furs and a roaring fire for company – so choose your bed mate wisely (if at all).

Getaway – New York, USA

Getaway is a start-up in the business of tiny houses, so it’s our first choice when looking for a homey hideaway in the US. Cabin types range from homes made for creative retreats, relaxation and group getaways, scattered all over New York state and Boston. Would you just look at the Salvatore pictured below? Dreamy.


Havenkraan Harlingen – Harlingen, The Netherlands
Size isn’t the only thing that matters at this one-of-a-kind stay in the Harlingen harbour – history plays a bit of a role here too. Your little lodgings is actually a former crane, previously used to unload wood cargo, and it’s now an expertly designed and decorated hotel. Make like Steve Zissou and disappear into this nautical nook for some seafaring.

En’Haeusl – Amberg, Germany
Blink and you’ll miss this tiny little wonder, wedged between two other buildings on the Seminargasse in the little town of Amberg. At only eight feet wide, En’Haeusl is as cosy as cosy can get – and the inclusion of a hot tub and fireside lounge doesn’t go astray either.

Villa Cheminee – Cordemais, France 

Tiny Digs – Oregon, USA
There’s a whole neighbourhood of these tiny little casas in the Kerns area of Portland in Oregon called Tiny Digs – think of it like a campsite from your childhood vacays but much nicer and no shared block toilets. It’s also unlike your family holidays to an isolated caravan park with food trucks making their way into the block for special entertainment nights. Being fireside looks pretty hip.

This tiny tower may look like an industrial chimney made cute but it’s actually a bookable place to rest your head created by the famed Japanese installation artist Tatzu Nishi. Created as part of his entry to the Estuaire 2009 Nantes-Saint-Nazaire art event, Villa Cheminee is an exact replica of an existing power station, standing 15 metres above the river on the edge of the Loire river in the village of Cordemais.

Eco-lodge Brejeira – Faro, Portugal

Close to the sea and surf, this little haven is the kind of place where summer dreams are made. Hidden in the hills of the Monchique Mountains, instead of a standard tent (yawn!), you’ll be bunking in this gypsy caravan, complete with a wood-burning stove and outdoor area for entertaining. The gypsy life awaits.


Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub



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