The Search Engine That’ll Track Down Any Email Address


Say goodbye to bounce backs and unread pitches.

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We all know the frustration that can come with reaching out to someone from another company for the first time, particularly the larger-than-life corporations whose walls of communication can seem impenetrable. Whether it’s a cold email pitch, a timely proposition or a friendly introduction, there’s nothing worse than writing a heartfelt, well-constructed essay to a general email account as you cross all fingers (and toes) in the hope that someone checks it. That’s why we’re intrigued, and slightly concerned, by start-up Voila Norbert’s latest search engine design.

To help budding companies everywhere, the company has created a search engine that can find anyone’s email using two pieces of information: their full name – easily achieved with a quick LinkedIn stalk – and company website. The search then works to combine these two pieces of information to generate an email address. Cool, huh?

Like most great inventions, Cyril Nicodème says the idea came out of personal need from running his own start-up, enlisting the help of co-founder Atoine Minoux, a UI/UX designer. “We needed a simple tool to find someone in any company with just their name and website domain to reach them for a product we were working on”, Cyril said in an interview.

And while the advent of this technology could realistically mean a never-ending battle with our “zero inbox” goal, we yet again bow down to the capabilities technology has to break down previous barriers.

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