The Perks of Being an Insta-Husband


Who do you think holds the camera?

Behind every twirling insta babe is one hard working man 📷😂

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It wasn’t too long ago that I thought everything was blowing up for me. The lives of my partner, Lisa, and I pretty much revolved around me, or me dragging her everywhere that I needed to be. I even remember one time, during a dinner to celebrate Lisa’s new promotion, I received a message from my hero, Richard Branson, and pretty soon the night had turned into the Jamie Green show – again.

Things have changed. Today, I am the proud Insta-husband of Lisa Danielle, current keeper of 103K followers on Instagram. Myself? I have just 3K.

Old-age blanket marketing no longer works. It’s all about finding people you can pay to target the particular audience you wish to reach.

Read any articles lately about guys being “slaves” to their wives, taking thousands of photographs of them just to get the perfect shot for the ‘gram? Sure, it happens, but there are upsides.

Here are four reasons I’m certainly not complaining:

I get to see advertising change from the inside

Old-age blanket marketing no longer works. It’s all about finding people you can pay to target the particular audience you wish to reach. As a social entrepreneur, I am fascinated by these shifts in society and culture, and now I get front-row seats to watching this change unfold. The brands Lisa works with tell us they get instant sales after her posts. They are always brands that Lisa authentically wants to promote. Can you think of another way to move product faster? Lisa is at the forefront of all of this, and it’s exciting to witness up-close.

Searching for forest fairies🌿💫

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Influencers throw my work a bone

Lisa and her other influencer friends are always keen to help me boost my social enterprise work. I created a fundraiser called Give A Fork last year that raised funds for hungry Aussies. I tapped into this network and had a bunch of Lisa’s friends help me out, raising online awareness that ultimately led to more funds for the cause. Our posts would have reached over 500K followers just through a handful of her friends! Thanks, babes.

Wandering paths unknown🌿☾ @paredeyewear ✨

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Free or discounted travel accommodation

Do you know how much money it can save you? Besides the obvious perks for me, I do believe that accommodation and travel promotion through influencers is worth every cent for the promoters, so it definitely feels like a worthy exchange. If we genuinely love our stay and Lisa posts pics of us hanging in the villa/resort/hotel, it’s almost a guarantee that at least 5 friends/followers will stay there within the next 12 months. Where there is a pink wall in your outdoor shower, there are girls yelling at their boyfriends, “We have to stay at this place!”

Desert wandering🌾✨

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You’ve got yourself a power woman making bank

Ermmm, what isn’t awesome about your girl making a living from all the time and effort she pours into creating the content? It’s creative, she loves it, and if she can support herself (and me!) doing it, then I am all in. Plus, I’ve become a way better photographer and I get to buy loads of new toys, like new lenses and cameras, without her even flinching!

My message to all you Insta-husbands is: just focus on getting better at taking them snaps and, together, the world is yours!

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