Meet the Gym Bag That Cleans Your Clothes


And charges your smartphone.

Pasquale gym bagRemember the mouldy banana at the bottom of your schoolbag, and the shame that would come when your mum would fish out your uneaten lunch in a show of great despair? There’s an adult equivalent, and it’s the moment you find your festering gym clothes in your duffel bag – on Sunday night, of course.

Some geniuses on Kickstarter have tackled this problem by creating a bag that deodorises, sanitises and refreshes your clothes inside your gym bag, thanks to smartphone-enabled technology.

Paqsule, the self-cleaning gym bag, was created by Ray Edwards, Ravid Yosef, Tim Offutt and Hess Wesley, and is calling for backers on Kickstarter. It uses their PaqTech™ System, which draws on dry-cleaning techniques, to create a chemical-free UV and activated oxygen process to clean your clothes. Choose from 15-, 25- and 35-minute cleaning cycle options, all controlled by an app on your smartphone. The bag is also highly water resistant, has a rechargeable battery that lasts 72 hours, and can even charge your smartphone.

Aside from the gym, you could also use it to refresh clothes, blankets and neck pillows on long-haul flights, or chuck tired clothes in for a ‘spin’ on camping trips when access to water is tricky.

You can back the project and bag your own, erm, bag, here.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub



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